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In the wake of economic uncertainty, there is a growing need for safety,
protection, and guaranteed income in retirement. Chuck’s specialties include
retirement and insurance vehicles that keep retirees’ assets under the
“lock and key” of contractually guaranteed protections, even when
volatility arises.
Many people of retirement and near-retirement age know their health is
their number-one asset. However, lots of retirees and working individuals
are unaware of their options for protecting assets should a situation arise
where they need long-term care. Helping people prepare for the “unexpected”
has truly become Chuck’s passion. His solutions include programs that he
provides from the nation’s top insurance companies, giving you and others
access to the best options available in the industry.


Guaranteed Income

Long Term Care

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Short Term Medical Care


Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor is an experienced financial professional. With more than 16 years of experience in the insurance industry, he is passionate about helping people like you. Over his career, Chuck has helped many retirees achieve more financial confidence, introducing them to safe strategies for asset protection and costly long-term care needs management.
Apart from being active in Idaho, Chuck is also licensed and servicing
people in the state of Washington. He looks forward to helping you to
retire with more confidence and peace of mind. 


Julie Yarno

Julie has been serving the Inland Northwest with insurance and financial services since 2014. She prides herself in educating her clients with their insurance needs and ensuring that they are fully protected for the sudden and unexpected. She is very passionate about helping out in her community wherever she can, she enjoys volunteering at local senior centers and participating with meals on wheels.
Julie finds fulfillment in building relationships with her clients and being able to help them reach their goals. In addition, Julie is a proud graduate of the University of Idaho with a bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer Sciences.



“I’ve known Chuck for over 30 year’s and personally was never a believer in insurance. I’ve been self-employed and self-insured the better part of my working life. Chuck had spoken to me on a few times about what I would do if I were ever to get injured to pay the bills. He finally convinced me to get a disability policy. After paying premiums for a couple years, I was considering dropping the plan and investing my money into something I thought more beneficial. Shortly after I fell from a ladder at work and broke my hip and hand. Chuck was the first person I called after my accident and started the claim paperwork for my injury immediately. Chuck advocated for me with the insurance company and took care of all the paperwork. The only thing I had to do was sign papers. I was able to make my house and health insurance payments along with cover my living expense’s thanks to Chucks recommendation. I’m so grateful I trusted his recommendation, or I could have lost everything.”
- Craig, Idaho

I've worked with Chuck for about 10 years now on behalf of my disabled elderly mother’s finances. Chuck has been great to work with. He has always been very responsive to any questions, concern or request for information. He’s always professional, courteous and takes a genuine interest in his clients’ needs, concerns and financial well-being. Chuck has followed up periodically, but never to the point of being pushy or intrusive in any way. He has always taken the time to fully explain the various product options to our full understanding and desires, not only with me but with my mother as well. I highly recommend Chuck as someone who provides straightforward details the way you need it, without the industry double talk you get from many in the finance or insurance industry. 
- Don, California

In 2011, my husband and I had two children with another on the way. We had a steady income and enjoying the luxury of me being able to stay home with our kids. We weren’t wealthy by any means, but we were comfortable and careful with our money. When Chuck approached us about life insurance, I knew it was the responsible thing to do, but I wondered how much money we could afford to throw away each month on something we would never need. We were both healthy and took care of ourselves.
Fortunately, we took Chuck’s advice. We purchased a life insurance policy we could afford that would fit our needs if something should happen.
Five short years later, we had three kids, a new bigger house and a diagnosis of brain cancer. Suddenly, that life insurance policy that we were never going to need, became a lifeline. It allowed us the time to work through my husband’s death and the comfort to know we would be OK. Because of our insurance policy, I am able to support my family as a single parent. I can’t imagine where we would be now, had we not purchased life insurance eight years ago. We certainly would not have been able to stay in our home. My children’s lives would be even more devastated by having to give up the life that they know. I am grateful every day that we made the responsible choice.
- Kristin, Washington

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